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Wi-Fi Family Radio™


Introducing the HisKids.net Wi-Fi Family Radio™ & Media Player! The advanced technology in this device will bless your family by providing access to countless hours of Christian internet radio from virtually any room in your home!

Radio is a great way to enjoy programming that is edifying and enriching, but what do you do if you miss a favorite show or don't want to listen at the computer? The HisKids.Net Wi-Fi Family Radio™ frees you to hear quality Christian programming anytime from virtually anywhere.

With a push of a button, your child can listen to great music from HIS KIDS RADIO or programs like Down Gilead Lane, Karen & Kids, Kids Corner, Paws & Tales, The Pond, We Kids with Mr. Nick and more! The HisKids.Net Wi-Fi Family Radio™ puts the power of listening in your hands.

Your kids will love using the Wi-Fi Radio in their room for bedtime stories or music during playtime. You'll enjoy the convenience of hearing your favorite Bible teaching on-demand and streams from a customizable Personal Menu. What's more, you don't even have to be near a computer to enjoy your preferred music and programs.   (More ...)